What Are Chocolate Truffles?

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What Is a Chocolate Truffle?

In the world of gourmet chocolates, chocolate truffles are among the highest quality confections. These chocolates are often given as gifts for special occasions, requiring skilled chocolatiers, multiple chocolate blends, and tremendous time investment.

Over time, the world truffle has become a universal term for a style of chocolate. Traditional truffles also appear alongside other confections such as meltaway truffles and TruffleCremes. These terms are easily confused and can lead some to wonder what a chocolate truffle is.

What are Chocolate Truffles Made Of?

Chocolate Truffles are traditionally round chocolate pieces made from a chocolate ganache center and encased in dipping chocolate. These confections allow chocolatiers to be flexible and express themselves creatively. These chocolatiers put their work on display, choosing specific ganache centers, dipping chocolates, and embellishments.

These high-end desserts are often confused with the mushroom they are named after. Like chocolate truffles, truffle mushrooms are also small and cylindrical, but the texture and taste of the two are distinctly different.

What is Inside a Chocolate Truffle?

Inside each truffle is a pure chocolate ganache center. These centers are flavored with liqueurs, fruit, coffee, and more and are the primary source of flavor. Generally, more robust truffle flavors pair with dark chocolate, and more subtle flavors compliment milk or white chocolate.

What are TruffleCremes?

Unique to Dilettante Chocolates, TruffleCremes are bite-sized versions of traditional truffles. These treats are also made with a ganache center and dipping chocolate but are made rectangular and wrapped in foils. These truffles are made with all-natural flavors and high-quality chocolate blends to resemble the same truffle flavor.

TruffleCremes differ slightly from traditional truffles due to their ganache centers. Candy Cane, Toffee Crunch, and Toasted Coconut TruffleCremes include pieces of their respective flavors inside the chocolate. These candy cane, toffee, and coconut pieces add subtle crunch and additional flavor.

Chocolate Truffles Crafted by Hand

To maintain its commitment to quality, Dilettante Chocolates dips each of its chocolate truffles by hand. This method of creating chocolate truffles is the best way to ensure each chocolate is made with care and attention.

For those eager to enjoy truffles or TruffleCremes, Dilettante Chocolates crafts irresistible flavors. From Light and sweet peppermint to dark and rich Ephemere, there is a truffle to appeal to every palette.

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