Dilettante Chocolates Father's Day Gift Guide

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Find the Perfect Gift this Father's Day

Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is an equally important time to show appreciation for others. In a few short weeks, everyone will have an opportunity to thank the people closest to them. Whether someone is celebrating their dad, grandfather, stepfather, or father figure, Dilettante would like to help make this Father’s Day special.

Chocolates are timeless and classic gifts almost everyone appreciates. No matter the palette, Dilettante’s broad selection can appeal to nearly anyone. For those wondering where to get started, here are some of Dilettante’s best gift ideas for Father’s Day.

1. Chocolate Salmon

One of Dilettante's popular Father's Day gifts is its chocolate salmon. Coming in milk and dark chocolate varieties, these fish are fantastic ways to treat anyone who enjoys this iconic pastime. Each salmon is packaged in a faux trophy case to make for a novel and unique gift.

These salmon are made with the highest quality chocolate couverture, using no compound chocolate, oils, or fillers. Experience a rich and clean chocolate taste in every bite.

2. Ruby Cacao Bing Cherries and Blueberries

These unique and novel flavors of chocolate-covered fruit appeal to those who prefer slightly sour flavors. Ruby Cacao Bing Cherries and Blueberries come in their own illustrated gift box and present an irresistible flavor.

Ruby chocolate is naturally pink and gives a unique and savory chocolate taste. This chocolate is used to coat dried blueberries and Bing cherries in specialty revolving kettles. The finished product is remarkably smooth, with a distinctive pink outer shell.

3. Dilettante’s Hand-Dipped Truffles

Dilettante believes chocolate creation is an art form. By dipping each truffle by hand, the time and attention put into these truffles are what makes each one taste so elegant. Choose to give caramels, toffee, or chocolate truffles in Dilettante’s many assortments. Out of all Dilettante’s chocolate gifts, its hand-dipped chocolates present the highest quality.

4. Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

A signature Dilettante confection, these chocolate-covered espresso beans are perfect for someone who enjoys coffee. These caffeinated treats are made using Dilettante’s own Hapsburg roasted coffee beans and decadent chocolate blends. The taste is a delicious juxtaposition between bitter coffee notes and the sweet taste of chocolate. These chocolate-covered beans are perfect for those who enjoy mocha or espresso drinks.

5. TruffleCremes

The most popular and beloved creation from Dilettante is its iconic TruffleCremes. These bite-sized truffles are made with a variety of chocolate ganache centers and complimentary chocolate shells. Unwrap each foil and enjoy a fresh chocolate taste.

TruffleCremes come in a variety of gift boxes and flavors. From 5-ounce tent boxes to 28-ounce tubs, there are many ways to treat someone this Father’s Day.

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