What Makes Himalayan Pink Salt Special

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What is Himalayan Pink Salt?

In the past decade, Himalayan Pink Salt has skyrocketed in popularity and made itself known as a pantry staple. As its name suggests, Himalayan Pink Salt differentiates itself with its translucent pink color. The popularity of this salt is undeniable, but some may wonder if pink salt is meaningfully different than traditional table salt.

The best way to compare salt is by addressing the amount of sodium chloride in each. Sodium chloride is the main component in all salt and is necessary for the human body to function. Sodium chloride is in a wealth of foods such as vegetables, processed meats, and soft drinks. While sodium is important for the human body, people can easily have too much.

After ingesting an excess of sodium chloride, a person’s body can develop long-term problems. The CDC recommends Americans consume less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day, which could be a problem for those who enjoy salty foods.

Why Himalayan Salt is Pink

The reason why Himalayan Pink Salt is special is because of its valuable minerals and lower amount of sodium chloride. The salt does not go through the high processing regular salt does, preserving a trace amount of minerals. These minerals, including potassium and calcium, are what turn the salt pink.

Despite the differences in appearance, the taste is only slightly more floral than regular salt. This makes pink salt an easy replacement for refined white salt and an easy way to add more nutrition into a daily diet.

Himalayan Salted Caramels

Dilettante features Himalayan Pink Salt to make dark chocolate caramels. These caramels accentuate the subtle pink salt flavor with a creamy caramel center their decadent dark chocolate shell. For those eager to experience Himalayan Pink Salt for themselves, Dilettante’s 4-Piece Caramel Collection is a great place to start. This collection features several flavors, including Smoked Alderwood, Sriracha, and Espresso Caramels.

Explore Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels alongside a variety of other chocolate gifts. Dilettante Chocolates uses all-natural, non-GMO ingredients in each of its hand-dipped chocolates. Made from the hands of talented chocolatiers, each caramel, truffle, or toffee piece is a artisan treat.

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