How and When to Freeze Chocolates

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Is Freezing Chocolate a Good Idea?

In a previous blog, Dilettante discussed how chocolates are best kept dry at a room-temperature. Storing chocolate this way can keep chocolate fresh for several months, but some may need chocolates to stay fresh for longer.

Freezing foods is an excellent option to save them for later. Foods with short shelf lives such as loaves of bread and meats are frozen frequently, but other foods can benefit as well. For example, butter, flour, and cheese are unlikely to store in a freezer, yet all have longer shelf lives when frozen.

Does Chocolate Benefit from Freezing?

Chocolate joins this list of unlikely freezer foods. If appropriately frozen, the best buy date of chocolates can extend for several months. However, while chocolate can't expire, the cocoa butter begins to separate in a process called chocolate bloom after a long enough period of time.

This chocolate bloom is commonly mistaken for mold. Thankfully, due to chocolate's high sugar content and low moisture, mold cannot grow on chocolate at all. Instead, when chocolate moves past its expiration date, more and more cocoa butter will separate from the chocolate, reducing its quality.

Keeping chocolates inside a freezer can stall chocolate bloom and keep chocolates fresh for longer. As long as the chocolate is frozen correctly, the chocolate will still taste fresh for up to eight months.

While chocolate can't expire, the cocoa butter begins to separate in a process called chocolate bloom after a long enough period of time.

How to Freeze Chocolate

If frozen for too long, chocolate can still bloom, so take special care of chocolates in the freezer. If the chocolate is exposed, it is recommended to wrap it tightly with freezer or wax paper to prevent condensation. The chocolate should also be stored away from other foods, as chocolate can easily pick up other odors.

The most crucial aspect of freezing chocolates is preventing moisture from reaching the chocolate. This moisture is the cause of chocolate bloom and is the main reason chocolate should never be kept in a refrigerator. As long as the chocolate is sealed well, no moisture should reach the chocolate in the freezer.

Is Freezing Chocolate Necessary?

On its own, chocolate has a remarkable shelf life. Keeping chocolates in a dry area at room temperature is easy and keeps chocolate fresh for months. In most cases, by the time chocolate would be starting to bloom, it has already been eaten.

Freezing chocolate is only necessary when chocolate is needed to be stored for six months or more. Even if it isn't required, some people may still prefer putting chocolates in the freezer. As the chocolate begins to dethaw, the chocolate takes on a different taste and texture, which can taste cool and pleasant.

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