How to Keep Chocolate Tasting & Looking Great

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How to Best Store Chocolate

Today marks the beginning of March, an exciting time for those looking to enjoy warmer weather. In a few short weeks, the winter will end, and a new spring season will begin. To welcome the month of March, Dilettante would like to share a few considerations for storing and enjoying chocolates without them going bad.

When ordering chocolates, be sure to check the mail frequently. Chocolate is best stored in dry places around room temperature. Receiving chocolates as soon as they arrive and storing them in a pantry or cupboard is the best way to maintain the shelf-life of chocolate and prevent it from melting.

It is vital to never refrigerate chocolate. While refrigeration can stop the growth of bacteria for many foods, chocolate is structured differently. Leaving chocolate in the refrigerator can lead to chocolate bloom, when the cocoa butter begins to separate itself from the rest of the chocolate.

Chocolate bloom can be seen by a white, milky film appearing around the chocolate. Blooming chocolate tastes the same and is safe to eat, but the white splotches that form around the chocolate can look unappealing and affect its taste.

Even at room temperature, chocolate can bloom if given enough time. This is why Dilettante suggests avoiding sudden temperature changes when storing chocolate. A great alternative use for blooming chocolate is to melt it down into a chocolate topping or fondue. Melting the chocolate can bring together the cocoa butter and cacao again, giving a pure chocolate appearance and flavor.

Like most other food products, chocolate can also expire naturally. Follow the best by date, as this will be an indication of when the quality of the chocolate will decline. Also, keep in mind individually-wrapped chocolates such as TruffleCremes and foil-wrapped chocolates will maintain their freshness for longer than other chocolates.

Thankfully, chocolate is an enduring treat. If stored properly, chocolate can last for months and still maintain its great taste. For anyone looking to enjoy chocolate during March, Dilettante has a wide array to delight any palette. Shop Dilettante Chocolates and find a new favorite.

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