Biscotti Made for October Days

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Enjoy Coffee this October

Today is the second day in October, a month perfect for cozy relaxation. Already, more people can be found frequenting coffee shops, enjoying a hot drink to stay warm, and dressing warmer to remain comfortable in the new month.

There are many ways to enjoy coffee throughout the fall season. There are different drinks, flavors, and locations, each with branching varieties. At Dilettante’s own Mocha Cafés, one popular way to better enjoy coffee is to indulge in one of three Dilettante Chocolate’s butter biscotti flavors.

Specialty Butter Biscotti

In addition to gourmet chocolates, Dana Davenport, Master Dilettante Confectioner, is also responsible for the most decadent Seattle pastries since 1976. Made from family heirloom recipes, Dilettante biscotti takes a different approach to this beloved Italian-styled bread.

Traditional biscotti is usually dipped in coffee to soften the rough and crunchy texture. Dilettante’s biscotti recipe is unique, made with higher amounts of butter and lightly toasted for a finished product that is softer, more similar to a cookie. For this reason, some choose to dip butter biscotti, while others find it more satisfying to eat it on the side.

Dilettante's Biscotti Flavors

For coffee that pairs well with earthy and nutty flavors, Dilettante’s Toasted Almond Biscotti may be a good option. These biscotti come in two varieties, one with a semisweet chocolate coating and one without, allowing for the gentle almond flavor to shine through.

Dilettante’s Valencia Orange Butter Biscotti is dipped in white chocolate for a sweet combination of flavor. This biscotti gives a tangy taste, perfect to offset a more bitter-tasting coffee.

Hapsburg Coffee

For those who enjoy roasting their coffee, Dilettante offers its line of Hapsburg coffee blends. These coffee blends were custom made for the Mocha Café coffee shops but can be purchased in the ground and whole bean varieties to enjoy at home. These blends perfectly match the flavor of Dilettante’s biscotti for an enriched and delicious coffee experience.

This October month, try something new and explore butter biscotti from Dilettante Chocolates. These individually wrapped biscotti are made to enjoy during the cool autumn days.

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