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An Assortment For Everyone

Since the early days, Dilettante’s hand-dipped chocolates have had diversity. Each chocolate Dilettante creates gives a unique flavor, each appealing to different personal preferences. To appeal to these different tastes, Dilettante Chocolates offers four Premier Assortments of truffles, toffee, caramels, and nut clusters.

Named Premier Assortments, these colorful boxes are tailored to a specific taste in chocolate. These assortments make for excellent gifts, especially when the receiver’s preferences are taken into consideration. Not only between milk, dark, and white chocolate but also if they prefer variety, or a more focused assortment to experience the subtle differences between chocolates.

Discoveries Premier Assortment

Dilettante recognizes the intricacies of chocolate assortments can be overwhelming. Without deep knowledge of what a lot of these details mean and what certain chocolates taste like, finding chocolates can be difficult. For those looking to find their favorite chocolate, the Discoveries Premier Assortment allows exploring each type of chocolate.

Discoveries offers the best of Dilettante’s white, dark, and milk chocolates. Flavors such as ginger, champagne, and Light Ephemere are alongside other confections such as toffee, buttercrèmes, marzipan, nuts, and caramels. This assortment has the widest breadth of flavor, speaking to the desire to discover something new.

Galaxy Premier Assortment

Packaged in a blue box, the Galaxy Premier Assortment. features milk and white chocolates, with silky smooth flavors. Truffles including Amaretto and Light mocha are made with low amounts of cacao to give a taste as milky as our own galaxy.

One of the standout chocolates in the Galaxy Premier is the praline white chocolate truffle. The classic praline filling contains pecans and vanilla wrapped in chocolate made from 100% pure refined cocoa butter. Each of these truffles is dipped by hand to create a smooth shell to make each bite give a satisfying taste.

Aristocrats Premier Assortment

Dilettante’s Aristocrats Premier Assortment comes in a pink box and holds twelve dark chocolate delicacies. The name comes from the sophisticated flavors that come from dark chocolate. The Raspberry Liqueur, Espresso Chocolate, and L’Orange Contreau truffles are balanced with nut clusters and buttercrèmes to experience the dark decadent flavor of the truffles.

Featuring prominently in the Aristocrats Premier Assortment is Dilettante’s signature Dark Ephemere Truffle. The name of these truffles is derived from the word “ephemeral” which means a brief, fleeting moment of pleasure. Made with 54-72% cacao, this Dilettante specialty is made to be deep and savory.

Sweet Resistance Premier Assortment

The Sweet Resistance Premier Assortment features no truffles at all. Instead, the French Cream Caramel, California Almond Clusters, and L’Orange Caramels also come in milk and dark chocolate varieties. Named ‘Sweet Resistance’ for the difficulty to resist, this assortment is for those who enjoy luscious caramels matched with roasted slivered almonds and deluxe butter-pecan toffee.

The Rheingold Toffee appears four times in this assortment, coming in white, milk, and dark chocolate varieties. Master Chocolatier Dana Davenport created his famous Rheingold Toffee in the year 1981. Made by a commission of the Pacific Northwest Wagner Festival, the Rheingold Toffee was created to celebrate the performance of the opera Der Ring des Nibelungen. Decades later, this treat remains a Dilettante Chocolates specialty.

Find A Favorite

All of the assortments share some features, a L’Orange Caramel, a French Cream Caramel, California Almonds, and a taste uniquely Dilettante. Any of the twelve chocolate creations in each of the boxes are made with all-natural ingredients, the highest couverture chocolate, and with premium nuts and fruit extracts.

For those looking to try to expand their chocolate pallet or gift a thoughtful gift to someone, there is a chocolate assortment made to help.

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