Inside the Bellefield Mocha Café

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Inside the Bellefield Mocha Café

Nestled in the Bellefield Office Park, this Dilettante Mocha Café is large and spacious. Large glass windows surround the perimeter of the café, giving a view of the waterscape of Mercer Slough. The café is softly lit, allowing for more natural sunlight and giving the café a cozy atmosphere.

The Bellefield Café hosts a wide range of people. Guests who visit by themselves often choose to sit beside the large windows to read or to simply enjoy the view. Groups of people of varying ages sit in together and discuss the day.

The café is quiet, but there is always a hum of conversation in the air. Tables are distanced far apart from each other, no conversation steps over another. The large open space also gives plenty of room to stand up and walk around.

Some patrons choose the brighter, more social setting of the outside seating. People sit in both vibrantly-colored wooden lawn chairs and tables protected underneath a patio umbrella. Surrounded by trees and water, the outside seating of the Bellefield Mocha Café gives a relaxing feeling of nature.

Rich Chocolate & Selected Coffee Blends

Back inside, displays of chocolate assortments line the countertop. The diverse menu sprawls across five large signs, each with multiple varieties of frappes, coffees, and mochas.

To the right of the counter sits a display case of French patisseries, each made fresh. Cupcakes with whipped frosting, coconut macaroons, cookies, and other desserts all decorate the shelves.

As with all Dilettante Mocha Cafes, customers can customize their own mocha drink. The flavor of chocolate can be determined by the percentage of cacao in the chocolate. Chocolate with low amounts of cacao has a smooth and sweet taste, while chocolate with higher amounts has a richer, almost fruity taste.

Quality Staff Members

If a customer ever begins to feel overwhelmed, they are assisted by one of Bellefield’s professional café baristas. These men and women familiarized themselves with the large menu of items to help explain details to anyone who needs them. From mochas & hot chocolate to frappes and cold drinks, there are plenty of drinks to explore.

Dilettante Baristas make each drink with care. Little details like drizzling caramel over the whipped cream of a caramel frappe or perfectly blending a glass of Ephemere Chocolate Milk are done thoughtfully. Guests appreciate the high standard for quality the café reaches with its variety of drinks.

Visit the Bellefield Mocha Café

Even in the busy city of Bellevue, the Bellefield Mocha Café provides a serene and peaceful café experience. A wealth of knowledge of chocolate and coffee stemming back to 1898, the café provides a delicious assortment of drinks and food.

For more information on the Dilettante Mocha Café in Bellefield, visit our Mocha Café page or call 425-451-4081.

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