Product Spotlight: Chocolate Covered Fruit and Nuts

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Enjoy Gourmet Chocolate-Covered Confections

Fall is approaching, with less than two weeks to the first official day of Autumn. Dilettante Chocolates can help make the last days of summer special with a wide selection of beautiful chocolate covered fruit and nuts.

Dilettante goes through meticulous processes to ensure every piece is made perfectly, with a smooth finish and a balanced taste. Using special revolving kettles, every piece of dried fruit or nut is gently tumbled in the finest couverture quality chocolate. The chewy and crunchy centers are coated evenly, keeping the fruit and nuts in the center and layers of gourmet chocolate on the outside.

Dilettante's Specialty Nuts & Fruit

Dilettante’s two varieties of chocolate covered nuts are paired with a shell made up of a single complementary chocolate flavor. Whole roasted cashews sprinkled with sea salt give a crunchy and savory flavor. These nuts are coated in milk chocolate giving a sweet juxtaposition in taste. Almonds are covered in dark chocolate for a richer flavor.

Alternatively, Dilettante’s chocolate fruit is covered in three different layers of chocolate. The dried-fruit centers are coated in layers of milk chocolate blends. In every bite, experience a delicious combination of dried fruit paired with decadent chocolate.

One of Dilettante’s most popular products is the Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley Wheel. Coming in two different sizes, the fruit Medley wheel offers an assortment of premium dried fruits covered in gourmet chocolate. The smaller, 16-ounce wheel provides cherries, blueberries, apricots, and cranberries while the 36-ounce wheel also includes Bing cherries and strawberries. These assortments are large enough for parties and events, allowing everyone to enjoy their favorite fruit with luscious chocolate.

Dilettante’s six-ounce Classic Chocolate Fruit Medley Box provides a more personal assortment of chocolate fruit. Containing blueberries, cherries, strawberries, and apricots, each piece has vibrant color, corresponding to the fruit. The bright colors give the box a fruity look, making it a perfect to give as a gift.

For those who take a liking to one of Dilettante’s fruit flavors, chocolate covered Bing cherries, Royal cherries, blueberries, and fruit medley can all be bought in bulk to have plenty around throughout the upcoming fall months.

Premium quality and the best ingredients are what set Dilettante chocolate-covered fruit and nuts apart. Whether it is the fresh flavor of Bing cherries, the salty taste of whole roasted cashews, or the classic tang of chocolate apricots, Dilettante has something for everyone.

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