Dilettante's Seattle Roots

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Humble Beginnings

Decades ago, past the dense Evergreen Forests was a historic city and a small chocolate and coffee shop named The Dilettante. Master Chocolatier Dana Davenport opened his flagship store to serve the highest quality chocolate truffles, pastries, and coffee for people to enjoy. Thanks to his effort, the Dilettante created the foundation for Seattle’s first mocha experience.

The Dilettante started to shape around the community of people who supported it. As the years continued, there were more delicious chocolate creations, several new Mocha Cafés, and the name changed from The Dilettante to Dilettante Chocolates. Yet, despite all these changes, the reasons people loved Dilettante remained.

Seattle-Inspired Chocolate

Today, Dilettante Chocolates now serves more than the Pacific Northwest, but will always remember its roots as a humble coffee and chocolate shop. To celebrate the city and culture of Seattle, Dilettante offers three unique chocolate novelty molds. These feature a line of handmade chocolate gifts for anyone who shares a fascination with the Northwest.

All around the world, the Seattle skyline is recognized as a famous landscape. Using a hand-painted chocolate mold, Dilettante has recreated the Seattle skyline using milk, white and dark chocolate. The edible postcard-sized souvenir displays the iconic skyline, the snow-capped Mount Rainier, and the downtown Seattle area. This chocolate landscape makes for a delicious gift for anyone visiting or living in the scenic city.

In addition to Seattle’s skyline, Dilettante Chocolates pays homage to Seattle with two varieties of chocolate salmon. The 12-ounce fish come in dark and milk chocolate and are both packaged in a faux trophy display case. Anyone familiar with the Seattle area may remember fish being thrown in the air by the famous salmon throwers of Pike Place Market. These novelty gifts won’t only strike a chord with fishermen and fisherwomen, but with anyone who enjoys gourmet chocolate.

One of Dilettante’s most unique treats is the TruffleCreme. Created in 2006, the higher-cacao percentage treats are loved by many Seattleites. Enjoy one of Dilettante’s most popular flavors, Peppermint, in a four-ounce Seattle-themed gift box. The soft, rich taste of peppermint TruffleCremes makes for a great gift or souvenir for Seattle visitors, Seattle-enthusiasts, and Seattleites alike.

Mocha Cafés in Washington

For those looking for a special treat in the Seattle area, can find it at one of five Dilettante Mocha Cafés. There are café locations at Westlake Tower, 818 Steward, and Sea-Tac Central. For those further away, Dilettante also has Mocha Cafés in Kent Station and Bellefield.

In each Mocha Café, visitors can see the best Dilettante has to offer. After coming inside, try Dilettante’s signature Ephemere® flavor or treat themselves to a decadent dessert made fresh in-house. At the heart of every Mocha Café is the choice of five cacao percentages for a customized mocha or hot chocolate experience.

Dilettante thanks the people who believed in its gourmet all-natural chocolate and welcomes anyone who recently discovered it. In every chocolate truffle, caramel, and espresso bean, we proud to share a part of the Seattle culture and community.

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