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Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee

As summer gets closer, more and more coffee lovers are making the change from hot to iced coffee. Although the two may taste similar, preparing coffee hot or cold can make large changes to its flavor profile. For those looking to enjoy the most refreshing and delicious coffee, Dilettante suggests making cold brewed coffee at home.

Although cold brewed coffee is a variation of iced coffee, the two are very different from each other. Normally, iced coffee is made simply by pouring hot coffee over ice. This leads to a watered-down coffee taste and melted ice, which won’t help to keep the coffee cold.

Recipe for Cold Brew Coffee at Home

Cold brew coffee is simple to make, but takes some time to fully prepare. The cold brew recipe only has a few steps. First, find a jar or cup for storing the coffee, then combine 1 cup of ground coffee to four cups of water, and then store in a refrigerator to seep overnight for at least ten hours. The next morning, pour the coffee through a filter and add as much milk or sweetener as necessary.

During this process, the coffee is never heated, which means its nutrition changes as well. When cold brewing, some of the oils inside coffee beans are never released, leading to a lower-acidity but less antioxidants than regular iced coffee.

For a perfect and undiluted coffee experience, pour hot coffee into an ice tray the same night as the cold brew is seeping. By creating ice cubes made from coffee, a cold brew espresso can stay cold without ever affected the coffee’s flavor.

Ice Cubes made from Coffee
Ice Cubes Made From Coffee

Does Cold Brew Have More Caffeine?

When it comes to nutrition, the caffeine content of coffee is important for many people. When coffee beans are heated, more caffeine is released, which should mean hot coffee has more caffeine but this is not necessarily true.

Often, cold brew coffee is made with a different ratio between coffee and water. For a more concentrated cold brew, adding more coffee or less water can easily make the coffee stronger or weaker.

The Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew

Those eager to enjoy a refreshing cold brew at home, experience a rich coffee taste with Dilettante’s Hapsburg House Blend. This medium-dark coffee is made with decades of coffeemaking experience and are the perfect beans to make cold brew with.

Coming in ground and whole bean varieties, these vacuum flushed coffee bags ensure the coffee inside stays fresh. Enjoy cold brewing this flavorful coffee all summer long, either at home or at each of Dilettante’s Mocha Café locations.

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