What Is Caramel Made Of?

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Perfectly Balanced Flavor

Caramels unite sweet and savory flavor profiles to achieve a perfectly balanced confection. There are many caramel-making recipes and methods, but Dilettante relies on its long history to craft its caramels.

Talented confectioners follow Dilettante's specialty recipes in each piece. The result is a well-balanced caramel flavor, made from all-natural ingredients and non-GMO chocolate.

What is Caramel Made of?

All caramel candy begins by heating sugar. Through the process of caramelization, the grains of sugar melt into smooth, brown caramel. To bring flavor to the caramel, confectioners will use a mixture of sugar, butter, cream, and salt to adjust the taste and texture.

Making one caramel piece can be a timely process. After perfectly forming the caramel squares, Dilettante confectioners dip each caramel piece by hand in milk and dark chocolate. Each caramel piece is topped with a generous amount of cypress sea salt as the chocolate solidifies.

Those eager to taste the difference for themselves can try Dilettante’s milk and dark chocolate caramels in a brand new six-piece gift box. Wrapped in elegant white packaging, these caramels feature an all-natural recipe made from the hands of Dilettante’s talented chocolatiers.

Milk and Dark Chocolate Caramels
Dilettante's Milk & Dark Chocolate Caramels

Dilettante’s Salted Caramel Assortment

Although caramels have a complex flavor on their own, Dilettante’s Salted Caramel Collection takes caramel flavors one step further. Confectioners can craft new caramel candies by infusing different ingredients and salts into the caramels.

Packaged in a 4-piece gift box, there are plenty of flavors for caramel lovers to enjoy. Sriracha, Smoked Alderwood, Espresso, and Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels make for a decadent chocolate-caramel assortment.

When making caramel, Dilettante maintains its commitment to quality by using the highest standards possible. These confections achieve a distinctive flavor by taking time and attention to craft each caramel piece.

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