Dilettante Chocolates Warm Weather Shipping Policy

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How We Ship Chocolate Safely

As temperatures begin to rise in the spring and summer months, there are added challenges to sending chocolate to friends and family. When chocolate is shipped, it can sometimes take many days to reach its final destination. If left in their usual packaging long enough, chocolates can melt before they even arrive at the door.

To combat these problems, Dilettante Chocolates has special precautions in place to send chocolate through the mail. Each package comes with ice to keep the contents inside cold enough to arrive safely.

This heat-protective packaging lasts for 48 hours, so restricting the total delivery time of chocolates is essential. Dilettante’s transportation partners are closed on weekends and holidays. To ship chocolates as safely as possible, any order placed after 11 a.m. Pacific Time Wednesday through Sunday will not be processed until the following Monday.

After sending a shipment, customers receive a shipping confirmation email with the shipping method and tracking number. We recommend using this information to estimate the delivery date to prevent any heat damage.

This Warm Weather Shipping Policy applies to each product containing perishable chocolate. During the warm weather period, Dilettante is unable to offer free shipping on orders over $150. After September, Warm Weather Shipping will end, and the normal policy will resume.

With these precautions in place, we can feel confident our chocolate can be sent and shared during any summer holiday, graduation, or birthday. For any further questions regarding Dilettante’s Warm Weather Shipping, please visit our Contact Page.

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