Why These Are the Five Most Popular Chocolates from Dilettante

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Dilettante's Most Beloved Flavors

For 45 years, Dilettante has shared its gourmet chocolates. In this time, Dilettante has iterated with countless variations of tastes, experimenting with new ideas, flavors, and types of chocolate. Despite changing trends, some of these chocolates have been able to stand the test of time.

The following are the most popular products from Dilettante. These treats have been enjoyed by thousands of people and each has their own special reasons for their appeal. After each item, we will lend our insight on why each of these chocolates are loved.

5. Assorted TruffleCreme Jar:

The 28-Ounce Assorted TruffleCreme jar is the 5th most popular item from Dilettante and features five different TruffleCreme flavors. Each flavor is wrapped in a brightly colored foil to make for a vibrant display. Featuring Flavors such as Toffee Crunch, Peppermint, Blood Orange, and Dilettante’s signature Ephemere, there is something everyone to fall in love with.

For those who have never tasted TruffleCremes before, this 28-ounce assortment is the best way to experience them for the first time. The five classic flavors featured are longstanding favorites, offering premium chocolate paired with all-natural ingredients.

Dilettante’s beloved Ephemere recipe was created the same year Dilettante opened. A velvety combination of caramelized butter and cream, this flavor has since become Dilettante’s signature flavor and a centerpiece of this assortment. The milk and dark versions of the novel flavor are what make this assortment truly stand-out.

4. Espresso Bean Blend:

Chocolate-Covered Espresso Bean Blend

The 4th most popular item is also one of Dilettante’s most unique confections. This assortment features Dilettante’s roasted coffee beans covered in three different chocolate blends. Included in this assortment are espresso beans in white, milk, dark, and marbled chocolate flavors.

Dilettante began as a chocolate and coffee shop in 1976 in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood. These treats pay homage to Dilettante’s café roots by combining Dilettante’s Hapsburg roasted coffee beans with its premium chocolate.

Since these coffee beans are caffeinated, these treats have been a delicious way for many people to perk up throughout the day. The flavor profile of these treats is similar to a mocha. The sweet and light taste of chocolate softens the bitter coffee notes for a balanced flavor profile.

3. Classic Fruit Medley Jar:

Classic Fruit Medley Banner

Dilettante’s Classic Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley has been around for over a decade and earns its place as the third most popular item. The signature item features real dried strawberries, blueberries, apricots, and cherries, each covered in multiple chocolate blends. These fruit pieces are colored to indicate the fruit flavor is underneath.

This jar is appreciated by many because of the premium quality of Dilettante’s chocolate-covered fruit. Each piece of fruit is covered by specialty revolving kettles evenly in Dilettante’s chocolate blends. Bite into a chocolate-covered morsel and experience the perfect balance between the light and luscious chocolate shell and the chewy fruit center.

2. Fruit Medley Wheel:

Despite sharing many similarities with the Fruit Medley Jar, the large variety included in this assortment slightly more popular. This Fruit Medley assortment comes in a 36-ounce wheel and features an additional cranberry and Bing cherry flavor. With six different flavors to choose from, this Fruit Medley Wheel offers the widest breadth of chocolate-fruit flavor.

One of the most appreciated aspects of this assortment is its shape. While a jar is great to give as gifts, this wheel is larger and more suitable to share at parties or family gatherings. Simply remove the plastic lid, and allow friends or family to enjoy their favorite fruit coated in luscious Dilettante chocolate.

1. Peppermint TruffleCreme Jar:

Peppermint TruffleCreme Pile

The most popular product from Dilettante is the 28-ounce tub of Peppermint TruffleCremes. Double-coated in milk chocolate, this fresh flavor is enjoyed as a gift, an after-dinner mint, and a satisfying treat.

The popularity of these TruffleCremes comes from their unique flavor. The peppermint strikes a perfect balance of being cool and refreshing while avoiding being too brisk or harsh. Each chocolate is individually wrapped to maintain freshness. Once unwrapped, the chocolates give a delightful minty aroma.

Almost everyone can enjoy the sweet and fresh taste of Dilettante’s Peppermint TruffleCremes. To enjoy these treats, along with the four others on this list, view Dilettante's many chocolate category pages and find a new favorite treat during Dilettante’s 45th anniversary.

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