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Explore the New

The new Dilettante Chocolates website is now live, and we are eager to hear from our supporters. The site may look different than before, but all the products, pages, and blog posts are still here, along with some notable improvements.

As part of this transition, Dilettante’s customer accounts each require a password reset. Those who had a customer account with us before can check their email to maintain their account.

The new website is divided into four sections: shop, help, about, and mocha cafés. Hovering over any of these menu items will create drop-down lists, leading to different areas in the site.

Shop Section

Shopping for Dilettante Chocolates is the same as before. Under the shop tab, choose any category and begin exploring Dilettante’s wide selection of chocolates. Dilettante’s Chocolate Fruit Medley Wheel,Champagne Truffles, and Peppermint TruffleCremes are some of our most popular items and serve as great places to start for newcomers.

When checking out, customers can now add special instructions or notes for each order. By adding a phone number or email, customers can also receive shipping updates and get an idea of how soon to expect their chocolates.

Help Section

As always, we are listening to feedback and making improvements any way we can. To submit questions, feedback, or are curious about any Dilettante products, our contact page can be found under the help section. Along with this contact page, we also provide information about our business gifts program, community partnerships, and policies.

About Section

For more information about Dilettante’s history and signature flavors, the about section can offer insight into what makes Dilettante special. Our history page covers over a century of chocolate craftsmanship, from 1898 to the present. This history explains how Dilettante perfected its recipes to popular items such as Rheingold Toffee, TruffleCremes, and chocolate-covered fruit.

Dilettante’s most famous flavor, Ephemere also received a history page. Derived from the word ephemeral, tasting the Ephemere flavor is a brief, unforgettable experience. Learn more about this smooth dark chocolate flavor through its history page, or in Dilettante’s Chocolate Chatter Blog.

Mocha Cafés Section

Finally, for those in the Seattle area, Dilettante has four Mocha Cafés, combining rich chocolate with specialty coffee for a unique café experience. Learn more about the Mocha Cafés or read the full menu under the Mocha Café section.

As always, Dilettante is listening to feedback. We hope to hear about your experience via our contact page and to continue making improvements in the upcoming weeks. With the help and support of the community, we hope to build the best website and experience possible.

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Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Ryan has a fondness for the outdoors, music, and coffee. Some of his favorites are Dilettante's Chocolate-Covered Bing Cherries and L'Orange Truffles. Through his writing and content, he hopes to grow the Dilettante community.