The History Behind Rheingold Toffee

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Luscious Toffee Flavor Since 1981

Dilettante's Rheingold Toffee is as distinct as it is elegant. The small square pieces are made with a higher percentage of butter, dipped in Dilettante’s premium-quality couverture chocolate, and topped with crushed nuts. Coming in milk and dark chocolate varieties, the toffee is an unforgettable addition to Dilettante’s hand-dipped assortments.

The history of the Rheingold Toffee reaches back to 1981. During this time, Dilettante Chocolates was then named, The Dilettante, and mostly known for its pastries, coffee, and chocolate.

The Dilettante’s reputation for quality chocolate attracted the attention of the Pacific Northwest Wagner Festival. The festival commissioned the Seattle-based chocolate company to create a festival confection. The confection would celebrate the performance of a series of four musical dramas named the “Ring Cycle” by Richard Wagner.

Dilettante’s founder, Dana Davenport called his new confection Rheingold toffee, named after the first act in Wagner’s Ring cycle, Das Rheingold. This name also paid homage to the toffee’s iconic golden amber color.

The Rheingold Toffee is made using a technical process of creating toffee with a higher percentage of butter. The higher amount of butter causes the toffee to become delicate and hard to work with, as the butter can easily separate from the caramel, creating an uneven blend.

Each piece of toffee is dipped by hand in Dilettante’s gourmet-quality chocolate. Every piece of toffee receives the care and attention it needs for the perfect milk and dark chocolate coat.

Finally, the Rheingold toffee is finished with a layer of crushed pecan nuts for a delicious embellishment. The nuts add a savory and nutty flavor to pair well with the rich and decadent toffee.

The signature Rheingold Toffee debuted in time to celebrate the Ring Cycle in 1981. The rich, brittle, and buttery toffee flavor found immediate success, soon becoming an iconic Dilettante confection.

For the last four decades, the toffee found its way into a variety of Dilettante’s hand-dipped assortments. The formula once made to celebrate Richard Wagner’s music dramas have been enjoyed for multiple generations.

Today, those curious to try Rheingold Toffee can do so with Dilettante’s Caramel & Toffee Collection. This collection features both milk and dark chocolate varieties alongside four varieties of caramels. The blue box of nine caramel and toffee squares is a love letter to those who enjoy sweet and savory flavors.

For more insight into Dilettante’s hand-dipped chocolates, continue reading our blog or shop with us to experience our famous Rheingold Toffee.

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