The Best Coffee to Pair With Chocolate

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Coffee Made With Chocolate in Mind

Like fine wine, different kinds of chocolate pair well with other flavors. Dilettante’s chocolate truffles are an excellent example of how complementary flavors can create a taste greater than the sum of its parts. Raspberry, ginger, and liquors accentuate the chocolate’s flavor, but none do better than espresso.

Dilettante Founder at the Flagship Store

Coffee and chocolates are an age-old pair. Sweet chocolate alleviates the bitter notes of coffee and is the reason why mochas are famous. Dilettante created its own roasted blend, perfected after decades of coffee-making, for the best coffee to pair with chocolate.

Dilettante Chocolates began as a chocolate and coffee shop in 1976. Then named ‘The Dilettante,’ the store served as one of the first espresso machines available in the Seattle area. Alongside innovating recipes for its chocolate truffles, The Dilettante also experimented with its coffee.

The quality of coffee became a focal point for the fledgling coffee shop. However, it wasn’t enough for Dilettante to create flavorful coffee and chocolates separate from each other. For years, the company worked to create harmony between the two.

Franz Joseph I of Austria

Dilettante Chocolates worked on perfecting its coffee blends. Dilettante’s chocolates and pastries all came from recipe notebooks dating back to 1898. The recipes made confections to treat the last great Hapsburg emperor, Franz Joseph I. To pay homage to its history, Dilettante named its new coffee the Hapsburg Bean Blend.

The coffee served as the bedrock for Dilettante’s Mocha Cafés for over thirty years. The medium-dark roast walks a perfect balance between bitter and sweet. In addition, the coffee leaves enough room for Dilettante’s rich chocolate to supplement its flavor.

For years, those living outside of the Seattle area could not try this delicious roasted coffee flavor. Until recently, this coffee blend started to be packaged in flushed vacuum containers and offered for everyone to try the eye-opening flavor.

Dilettante’s coffee blends come in whole bean and ground bean varieties. Try a taste with Dilettante’s 12-ounce bags, or enjoy the Hapsburg House Blend year-round with Dilettante’s 5-pound bag.

In every cup of coffee, enjoy rich espresso with light-golden crema at the center of every drink. Then, pair these coffee blends with Dilettante’s hand-crafted truffles for a rich and indulgent chocolate experience.

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