Where Chocolate Comes From

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Where Does Chocolate Come From?

All chocolate comes from cacao trees, which usually grow in tropical climates. These trees grow large seeds filled with a pale and sticky pulp, protecting the valuable cocoa beans inside. These beans are taken, dried, and turned into chocolate.

After the cocoa beans are adequately fermented and dried, the beans are ready to be roasted. This step is essential since the heat separates the inside of the cocoa beans from their hard exterior shell. After being cracked open, the cocoa butter and cacao solids are ready for chocolate production.

Creating Chocolate Flavors

During this stage of production, the taste of the chocolate is carefully considered. First, the solid cocoa beans are ground into a powder and added with other ingredients. These ingredients vary but usually include sugar, vanilla, and soy lecithin. The higher amount of cacao solids used, the darker and richer the flavor.

Milk chocolate is made using dairy milk, as the name implies. Milk and white chocolate usually use additional cocoa butter and other ingredients to create a sweeter taste.

How to Spot High-Quality Chocolate

The entire process from discovering, fermenting, and grinding the seeds can last several weeks. Chocolate is labor-intensive to make, which makes high-quality chocolate rare to find.

Often, chocolate companies rely on artificial ingredients and other additives to cover up the low-quality taste. These ingredients and additives make chocolate cheaper to make but drift away from chocolate’s natural flavor.

To find the best-tasting chocolate, review the ingredients on the nutrition label. Look out for hydrogenated fats, sugar replacements, and oils, as these ingredients will diminish the chocolate’s flavor.

Finally, the chocolate is used by a chocolatier in the creation of different confections. Some treats, such as chocolate bars, are easy to mold, while others are harder to craft.

Dilettante's Chocolate Craftsmanship

Dilettante’s Hand-Dipped Truffles are an excellent example of the difficulty in creating chocolates. First, a chocolatier must perfectly coat a ganache center without creating cracks or blemishes. Each truffle is then topped with different embellishments to better differentiate one truffle from another.

Chocolate is revered for its indulgent flavor and the skill required to achieve it. Great chocolate is made after selecting quality cocoa, adding natural ingredients, and crafting the finished product by hand.

For nearly half a century, Dilettante Chocolates remained committed to creating and sharing premium chocolate. Dilettante maintains this commitment by sourcing its chocolate from premium chocolate blends from West African and South American cacao. By using the highest standards in creating its chocolates, Dilettante achieves a unique and irresistible flavor.

Those curious to try smooth chocolate blends can do so with Dilettante’s TruffleCremes. Individually wrapped in vibrant foils, TruffleCremes are bite-sized chocolate truffles made from Dilettante’s all-natural chocolate blends. Enjoy elegant flavors such as Peppermint, Toffee Crunch, and Toasted Coconut and taste pure, all-natural chocolate.

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