The Chocolate Chatter

From the entire Dilettante Chocolates Team, we would like to thank our supporters for their patience and understanding this summer. The last several months have brought on additional challenges, but we have been met with patience and understanding. As we enter into a new fall season, Dilettante will resume its standard shipping policy.

During this transition, warm-weather shipping may still be necessary for states with hot temperatures. To keep the chocolates from melting, states such as Arizona, Texas, and Florida will be shipped using two-day shipping with ice.

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Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans is one of Dilettante’s most popular confections. These elegant treats feature whole espresso beans in Dilettante’s white, milk, dark, and marbled chocolate blends. The mocha-like flavor is easy to enjoy, but it is important not to eat too many in the evening.

Similar to coffee, Dilettante’s Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans are caffeinated. However, eating espresso beans whole provides more energy than drinking a cup of coffee. About sixty coffee beans are needed to make one cup of coffee, but eating only one-tenth of these beans whole provide the same results.

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Several weeks ago, Dilettante created a blog post explaining where chocolate comes from. The process is complex, from sourcing cocoa beans, creating unique chocolate flavors, and learning the intricacies of high-quality chocolate. Despite the complicated process, some have voiced a desire to learn the chocolate-making process themselves.

Dilettante comes from a long line of chocolatiers, each enthusiastic and motivated to create chocolate. Dilettante’s founder, Dana Davenport, first made chocolate at home with his family. Making chocolate this way gives a better appreciation of the craft and can be a creative way to treat friends and family.

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Unique for its fresh scent and cool flavor, mint has made its way into many confections. Peppermint, gum, and chocolates all use this familiar flavor to achieve different sweet and clean flavors. There may be many flavors to choose from, but none compare to Dilettante’s Peppermint TruffleCremes.

These miniature mint truffles release a fresh smell after their green foils are unwrapped. Each TruffleCreme features Dilettante’s premium-quality milk chocolate enrobed in an additional outer layer of milk chocolate. As the name implies, TruffleCremes resemble a traditional chocolate truffle but are smoother and lighter in appearance and taste.

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The fall equinox is less than a month away, making now the last opportunity to enjoy the summer. There are many things to miss about the warm weather, including enjoying a rich bowl of ice cream to cool off.

Everyone prefers different flavors. Not only when it comes to the ice cream and desserts, but also the flavors accompanying them. Dessert toppings span a wide range of other ingredients. Nuts, fresh fruit, and chocolate sauce are popular choices on ice cream, but these can occasionally feel stale.

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A perfect salted caramel strikes a balance between its savory and sweet flavor notes. Unfortunately, confectioners often struggle to achieve the correct flavor due to how hard caramel is to make. The ideal caramel flavor requires years of experience and no small amount of creativity.
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All chocolate comes from cacao trees, which grow in tropical climates. These trees grow large seeds filled with a pale and sticky pulp, protecting the valuable cocoa beans inside. These beans are taken, dried, and turned into chocolate.

After the cocoa beans are adequately fermented and dried, the beans are ready to be roasted. This step is essential since the heat separates the main components of the chocolate: cocoa butter and cacao solids.

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Like fine wine, different kinds of chocolate pair well with other flavors. Dilettante’s chocolate truffles are an excellent example of how complementary flavors can create a taste greater than the sum of its parts. Raspberry, ginger, and liquors accentuate the chocolate’s flavor, but none do better than espresso.
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When creating chocolate, there are many avenues for expression. By slightly altering ingredients and recipes, confectioners can create their distinctive flavor profiles and styles. Chocolatiers have no strict rules to follow but still hold themselves to high standards regardless.

For more than forty-five years, Dilettante Chocolates has committed itself to its craft. Dilettante makes its most iconic confections with all-natural ingredients to give its supporters the best chocolate taste possible.

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The pale appearance and sweet taste of white chocolate make it one of the most distinct chocolate varieties.  White chocolate is less understood when compared to milk and dark chocolate, and some may wonder whether white chocolate should be considered chocolate at all.
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Summer is here, making now the perfect time to enjoy an iconic summertime favorite: Smores. The irresistible combination of marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate began in the 1920s and is still enjoyed today. Dilettante made a delicious summer treat with its signature Ephemere sauce to celebrate the new summer season.
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This week, the Pacific Northwest reached record high temperatures in the hottest summer of its history. Dilettante recommends finding a cool place for chocolate until temperatures fall below seventy degrees. It is vital to prevent chocolate from melting, but some may not know how long their chocolate will last.
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